Monday, 21 October 2013

Gothic Fashion Styles

Understanding what's considered “Gothic style” requires knowledge of the different subcultures within Gothic culture. Each style differs greatly from one another depending on which materials, colours, influences and themes are used to create the look.


Romantic Gothic clothing is the most elegant of all. It mainly takes inspiration from the Medieval and Renaissance eras and uses fabrics such as velvet, silk, chiffon and lace. Tight corsets and chokers are typical of the style, along with religious themed jewellery, smoky eyes and dark lips.

The fashion style of the future and inspired by post-apocalyptic movies such as Mad Max, The Matrix and Blade Runner; and electronic bands Filter and Nine Inch Nails. The industrial style typically consists of fluorescent colours fused with silver, black and white. Synthetic materials and survival accessories such as rubber masks are commonly used.

High Fashion
Contrary to popular belief, Gothic styles are regularly featured on the catwalk. World renowned fashion designers, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Yohji Yamamoto have all used Gothic inspired designs in their collections.

Gothic lolita fashion is characterized by the baby-doll look. This style first appeared in 80's Japan, and even to this day is a very popular fashion choice in the country. Imagine a vampire or zombie trapped inside a child's body and you'll begin to understand the look. Gothic lolita often consists of frilled skirts, headdresses and platform shoes. Japanese fashion designer and Malice Mizer guitarist, Mana is often considered a pioneer of this fashion movement.

Like rockabilly, gothabilly is inspired by 1950's country music. It's the fusion of rock and roll with the characteristics of old-school Spaghetti Westerns. Cowboy hats, boots and tight fitting leather are common in gothabilly style. Most men have long hair, wear eye-liner and have Western inspired tattoos. Gothabilly also has a more colourful side and often incorporates animal prints and polka dot clothing.

The Neo-Victorian movement, also known as steampunk, is one of the most recent fashion movements to take influences from Gothic clothing. It is inspired by both the Victorian and Edwardian eras, but integrates the use of modern technology. Corsets, gowns, petticoats, suits and vests are typical of the style. Common accessories include period time pieces and goggles mixed with modern electronics, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Goth Punk

Modern Goth music was born in the 70's by bands such as Joy Division. At the same time the punk genre was in full swing. Goths borrowed many aspects of the punk look, such as mohawks, big hair, band t-shirts and studded chokers, and gave it a darker undertones.

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